Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reflection on the course of Levinas "Relationship with the Other"

Looking in to the world around I always wonder what relationship is all about. sometime I really question myself What is Relationship? or What do we really understand by the word 'Relationship'?or what is relationship all about? After the course on Levinas I have come to a certain understanding what relationship is all about. For me Levinas characterised three ways of relating with the other they  are: First the A-chrono-nomy orAnonymous way of relating. Here in actuality or strictly speaking ther is no relationship at all, both the subject and the other really do not relate to each other but just exist. The term that he used here is 'I ly a' or 'There is'.  It is like the state of insomnia where we experience but cannot be explain.
The second characteristic or way of relating to the  other is Eco-chrono-nomy or the Universe way of relating with the other. Here the relationship is centered on the 'I'. The I is everything and everything is from the I. Levinas said that this way of existence or relating to the other is necessary but not a noble one.
The third characteristic or way of relating is a Socio-chrono- nomyor the Pluriverse way of relating. It is a way of relating where the other is the one who come to me. It is the other who initiate the relationship with me. Unlike the two characteristics or ways of relating where in the A-chrono-nomy there is no center at all and in the Eco-chrono-nomy  the center is the  I where everything is either centerpetal or centerfugal. Here instead there is the Ex-centric or everybody-center. This is a nobel form of relationship in which the other is given the first place, given more important. It is here where the differences of the other is respected. It is here where the man is define by his person and not by his quality or the position he hold.
I feel that we people claiming that we are living in the modern and civilised world where everything seem possible and where communication takes place at a high speed, reflecting on this I feel that though we are in the ever growing fast moving world our relationship is still far behind. This is because we have not given the other the first place or the place where he can show his own individuality as a unique person. It is when the person is given the first place, when the other is treated as He is  then our way of relating with the other will be a true relationship.

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